BLADE Meets Burning Man

  • Turn an 8 hour drive into a 45 minute flight and donate your saved time to the community.
  • BLADE directly between Reno (or Truckee-Tahoe) and Black Rock City Airport.
  • Fly on the day and at the time of your choosing (6AM-6PM) with up to 5 of your friends in a quiet Airbus EC-130 Helicopter with panoramic windows.
  • Baggage limited to 20lbs per passenger.
  • Have extra baggage? BLADE Cargo Logistics will be on-site to handle the transport with pick-ups and drop-offs at Black Rock City Airport and Reno. (Email for more info.)
  • Price? $3,950 for your own 6-seat helicopter.
  • Most importantly, leave no trace.

Availability is EXTREMELY limited, so lock in your flights by booking now.