Experts Predict Massive Growth in Summer Traffic

Why is traffic around New York City getting worse?
Experts are predicting tremendous growth in New York metropolitan area traffic this summer. The Department of Transportation (DOT), The New York Times, AAA, and INRIX cite expanding urban population size, growth in disposable income, increased construction, over 100,000 ride-sharing vehicles, and rising accessibility to leisure travel as key drivers for road congestion. What’s more concerning is that even gas prices–at an all time high since 2014–are not expected to deter road traffic, according to the New York Times.

So what does this mean for travelers in the Northeast? With increasing cars on the road and sluggish interstate and intrastate travel, how will civilians change their transportation behaviors?

Why is all of this construction happening in the first place?
1) In order to accommodate ongoing Hurricane Sandy restoration, only half of the Midtown Tunnel will be open this summer for use, according to the Department of Transportation.
2) Similarly, significant lane closures are expected across interstates to the airports, Hamptons, Jersey Coast, and Nantucket due to ongoing construction and protective bridge coating following heavy utilization.

How is this impacting New Yorkers?
According to AAA and INRIX, 5% more people are expected to travel over Memorial Day weekend year-over-year, equating to over 41 million travelers in America. This surge could result in cities like New York experiencing road delays of more than 3x the time of a normal trip. Popular routes between Manhattan and the Hamptons or Newport could take over nine hours to drive, compared to the average drive time of three hours during low season. Often 45% of the time it takes to get to the Hamptons from New York City is spent in the last 16 miles on Montauk Highway.

With growing disposable income and greater accessibility of leisure travel to these summer resort regions, demand for weekend destination is anything but waning. But BLADE has developed a solution.

What is BLADE doing to address the massive growth in traffic?
BLADE, the urban air mobility company with intracity flights allows fliers to book a flight in seconds on their own terms, and depart from Manhattan itself. BLADE arranges flights between Manhattan, the Hamptons, Nantucket, the Jersey Coast, Newport, and more. BLADE is circumventing the traffic and flying directly over it, bypassing the long drives between Manhattan and nearby destinations in favor of fast and efficient trips. Plus, BLADE is utilizing newer, faster, and more comfortable aircraft to make the flier experience more relaxing and seamless. It’s the ideal solution to the current state of traffic growth in the Northeast, and is reimagining how Americans can optimize their travel. BLADE can transform a two and a half hour commute from JFK airport to Manhattan can be transformed into a five-minute trip, and a seven-hour drive from Manhattan to East Hampton can be reduced to a 35-minute helicopter ride.