How BLADE Transformed my Commute into an Experience

Below are excerpts from a flier interview BLADE conducted as part of a larger research initiative:

What is your occupation?
“I am an executive at a marketing agency. I’ve been with my company for over 20 years, and previously held positions in consulting and CPG product strategy.”

How did you learn about BLADE?
“I think I initially heard about BLADE from a friend. I also saw the TV ads, but mostly knew it as the Hamptons helicopter company.”

When and why did you first fly BLADE?
“I started with business travel–mostly flying to and from airports. It was the fastest way for me to get from JFK to Manhattan after a red-eye from LA, so I could avoid rush hour and actually come on time to work on Monday mornings. Next, I expanded to leisure travel. I was already familiar with the app through booking my BLADE Bounce airport transfers, so I was aware of other offered destinations. So far I’ve flown to the Hamptons, Miami, and Nantucket. The convenience was what hooked me, but the lounges and ethos were what sealed the deal.”

Tell us more about your experience of flying.
“BLADE is unlike any other mode of transport I have traveled with. Not only have they been extremely accommodating to me and my family, but they’ve also created this remarkable vibe centered around their lounges. I’ve flown mostly from the lounge on the East side of Manhattan. There’s fabulous art, coffee table books, furniture–even the snacks and drinks are well thought through. No detail is too small–they serve rosé in these hilarious sippy cups. I’m not a big drinker, but my husband and daughter love them... Being in the lounges feels like a being a member of a hip club, and is a stellar launchpad from which to take off. I typically try to come to the BLADE Lounge early to relax, and always look forward to returning.”