The Faena One-Click Miami Weekend

What's Included

Two nights at Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Helicopter transfers between NYC and Westchester

Commercial-sized jet retrofitted for 16 passengers

Cocktails on board and at BLADE Lounges

In-flight catering prepared by BLT restaurants

Right after your private jet from NYC to Miami, you'll arrive at Faena. Here you'll unwind in a space where sunshine restores, ocean air refreshes, and service fulfills.

All fliers purchasing two roundtrip BLADEone seats will receive a complimentary room for two weekend nights at Faena Hotel Miami Beach (four nights over Thanksgiving weekend).

For flights returning on holiday Mondays, your stay will include a third night without additional cost. You can learn more about our Miami schedule here.

One seat per side of cabin – enjoy privacy or socialize.

Your experience begins at BLADE Lounge West, BLADE Lounge Westchester, or BLADE Lounge Miami.

BLADEone: A commercial aircraft normally accommodating 60+ passengers retrofitted for only 16 and with furnishings designed by BLADE.

For Manhattan departures, 15-minute helicopter flights to the side of the BLADEone jet.

Tierra Santa Spa: Miami’s first South American-inspired spa is an oceanfront oasis.